Thursday, April 22, 2010

The beginning of a glorious adventure

I recently read a book by George MacDonald called "The Princess and the Goblin". Perhaps it is meat to be a children's story, but a certain aspect of the story struck me. The grandmother instructs the young princess to "follow the thread in her hand" if she ever becomes lost or afraid or simply wishes to find her grandmother. At one point in the story the princess is attacked by the goblins and takes out the thread to  follow it... But to her dismay, it does not proceed directly to her grandmother but winds and twists through the dark woods and eventually into dark tunnels and caverns beneath the mountain. Out of trust in her grandmothers love and direction, the princess faithfully follows the thread. The thread leads her to a pile of rock that she must dig through to continue, and finds a young boy trapped and imprisoned by the goblins! Back to the thread she goes, with the boy, out of the tunnels, and back to her loving grandmother.

I was amazed by the young princess and her trust in her loving grandmother. She followed the thread through all things, even when it made no logical sense. I was reminded of my lack of faith in so many areas of my life. How rarely do I do things that don't make sense? Pretty much never. I toil over my decisions, wanting them to make sense and be logical and be "right". How rarely do I trust in my loving Father. And by such lack of faith, am I missing out on critical adventures and directions He has for me?

As per my title, this is the beginning of my thread. Learning how to follow the thread of my loving Father faithfully. It is beginning with an adventure to Haiti. I know, you're jealous! I am THRILLED to be able to go help as much as I am able. I will post later on what I will be doing and how preparations are coming. For now, know that I am physically and mentally sane (boy did I fool that doctor), and will be gone from May 31 to July 1. I will be writing as I have time here, even in Haiti... so keep up! Aubrey Nicole out.....

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  1. love it! and sarah cleghorn would like you to return her baby that is pictured above....